Monday, June 8, 2009

Shower Valve Options, What Is Behind The Wall?

In this Valve video tutorial we will take a look behind your shower faucet. The purpose of the valve is to control the flow of water and/or temperature. When you turn the valve handle the valve mixes the hot and cold water supplied through the lines that are behind the walls of your tub or shower. Valves are specific to each manufacturer. One manufacturer's trim kit or faucet will not work with another manufacturer's valve. If you choose to replace your existing tub/shower faucet with a different manufacturers line then you must also replace the valve in the wall. For instance if you have a Delta Faucet valve you can not put on a Moen Faucet trim kit handle. Manufacturers do this on purpose so the parts are not interchangeable and that you will always stay with their brands. You have to ask yourself 2 questions when looking to purchase a shower system. If new construction, you can pick whatever brand and valve you would like. If remodeling you will need to ask yourself what brand you currently have installed? Then you have to ask yourself if you want to do any plumbing work behind the wall? If the answer to the second question is no then you will want to stay with the brand you have and just replace the inner cartridge part and change what is called the "Trim Kit". The trim kit is what you see on the out side with the finish. The handle and back plate. Some Trim kits include the shower head and/or tub spout. See Shower Tub Accessories
The valve is not always included with a new faucet. You can tell if you need one by looking in the product details on the product detail page. Why? In new construction the valve may be installed months before the actual faucet is installed during the final finishing or fixture stage. Many times the builder puts the valve in before a homeowner has picked out the trim kit and finish. In remodeling jobs, if you are just changing the trim kit you will not want to change out the valve and pay for a new one since you already have the valve in the wall. The valve is the most costly part. Check out Shower Only Faucet Valves and Tub/Shower Faucet Valves and Brought to you by The Faucet Expert (TM). Videos


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