Monday, June 8, 2009

Shower Valve With Stops, What Does That Mean?

"Valve Stops" or "With Stops" means that the shower faucet valve includes shut-offs for the water line so you don't have to shut off water to the entire house to work or repair parts on the shower/tub system. The video tuorial above will explain what stops are and why they are used. Stops are a screwdriver shut off mechanism that allows the water supply to be cut off directly at the valve without affecting the water supply to the whole house or building. Convenient for future maintenance or repairs. Say you want to replace a valve catridge and dont want to stop others in the house from using the kitchen faucet or another bathroom toilet. With stops you can turn off the water at the shower valve so others can keep using the water supply around the house. The small added cost pays for itself in terms of time and hassle saved. To use the stop insert a screwdriver into the slot on the hot water supply side of the valve. Now turn the stop 1 quarter in any direction to turn the water supply on or off. Now repeat this process on the other side to turn on or off the cold water supply. The water is now cut off from the valve and you can perform maintainance or exchange the valve cartridge when it wears out. Check out the following Shower Faucet valves and Tub Faucet Valves with stops. Brought to you by The Faucet Expert (TM). Videos


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