Thursday, August 6, 2009

Delta Faucet Electronic Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

So you’re in your kitchen mixing cookie dough with your bare hands. You need to wash your hands when you are done and don’t want to dirty up or contaminate the faucet spout. Don’t worry the future is here with wife Jane’s kitchen from the Jetson’s now being the present. Take your elbow or forearm and just tap the faucet anywhere. The magic amazes you as the faucet turns on and off with just a touch. The entire faucet is the on/off switch with an electronic valve.

Delta Faucet Company is the innovative leader in Faucets so leave it to Delta Faucet to revolutionize the faucet industry again with a touch sensitive faucet. Only a company the size of Delta can bring this kind of technology to market at such a cost savings. Touch2O™ technology was originally designed for its high end Brizo brand and only Delta can bring this first-to-market technology to its main stream brand.

Delta is launching this in their main stream brand in the Pilar series of faucets. Pilar is a distinctive kitchen faucet that coordinates with any décor and provides all the convenient functionality Touch2O™ Technology has to offer. Pilar also features Delta's exclusive MagnaTite™ Docking to keep the wand securely in place. The Delta Pilar Faucet comes in two options. The Delta 980T-DST without the soap dispenser and the Delta 980T-SD-DST with the soap dispenser.
  • The Pilar™ design was inspired by a fusion of technology and natureSaves water and energy
  • Start and stop the flow of water with just a tap anywhere on the spout or handle
    Exclusive MagnaTite™ spray head docking ensures a snug fit of the wand
  • Helps prevent the spread of bacteria
  • 32″ minimum supply lines below the deck included
  • ADA Compliant
  • DIAMOND™ Seal TechnologyTouch2O™ Technology
  • MagnaTite™ Docking
  • Electronic FaucetsTouch Clean
  • With and without Soap / Lotion Dispenser


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