Monday, August 24, 2009

The Founding of The Delta Faucet Company

The Delta Faucet Company has grown to become the largest, most innovative and the leading faucet company in the industry. It's one of the most well known and recognized brands in America. In the early 1920s, Alex Manoogian migrated from Turkey to the United States as an entrepreneur. He wanted to escape a life of persecution in Turkey since he was of Armenian descent. He landed in Detroit, MI with his suitcase and no more the $50 in cash.

Manoogian was determed to succeed and provide a better life for his family in the United States. He worked at various hard labor and machinist jobs until he had enough money to purchase a screw machine. Over time he saved enough money to invest in more equipment. In 1928 after 8 years of saving Manoogian and two business partners founded the Masco Screw Products Company. The company grew well in the first several years even through the Great Depression. By the mid-1930s, Masco’s annual sales broke the $1 million mark which was impressive in those days.

In 1952, an eager inventor brought Manoogian his latest invention, a one-handled faucet that mixed both hot and cold water with a ball-valve. Unfortunately it leaked, but Manoogian saw potential. He therefore bought the faucet and its rights, improved it, and released it in 1954. The brand name Delta was born. It was the first successful washerless ball valve faucet, and Manoogian called it the Delta Faucet after the shape of the internal cam, which resembles the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet: delta.It is the first single-handle kitchen faucet design.

Delta Faucet Company was founded in 1954 as a Masco subsidiary. The original faucet remains successful, although other companies soon designed other single-handle faucets that didn't infringe Delta's patents. Some people preferred the internal design of the Delta faucets, even though they had to adjust them periodically. Hardware stores still stock internal parts for these faucets, both the 1952 and the 1962 design, although they don't all carry the complete faucets.

In 1958, the company opened a manufacturing facility in Greensburg, Indiana. In 1976, another facility in Chickasha, Oklahoma was opened (The Chickasha facility closed in 2006), followed by Jackson, Tennessee in 1995. The company operates three more manufacturing facilities outside the United States, two in Ontario, Canada and one in Panyu, China. Delta Faucet Company is currently headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Delta Faucet Company has been the innovative leader in the faucet industry ever since and has had many technological breathroughs since which have revolutionized the faucet industry. is the top Authorized Online Delta Faucet Partner carrying all of the innovative breakthroughs featured above. We have the largest selection of Faucets and decorative plumbing products at the lowest prices online. Free Shipping on all Delta Faucet orders over $99. Same Day shipping on all in stock orders if your order is placed before 3PM CST. Low Price Guarantee. We wont be undersold. Check out our Outlet for new open box products.


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