Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exact Temp 3/4" Thermostatic Showering Technology

A larger 3/4" valve design is engineered to accomodate a variety of shower and spa configurations.

Pinpoint Temperature Control and Consistency
Like a shower thermostat, you can "permanently" dial in the temperature of your shower to the exact degree. Your ideal temperature is reached day after day , and it is pleasantly maintained throughout the shower.

Volume Control
This enables you to enjoy different volumes for individual fixtures within your customized shower. You can have one volume for the showerhead, another for your hand shower, and yet another for the body sprays. In other words, it truly is your shower. Moentrol Posi-Temp Valve Video

A Truly Customizable ExperienceFrom the simply pleasurable shower to the completely extravagant shower spa, you create an experience that is entirely yours. Each ShowHouse collection even has its own trim for a seamless look that represents the ultimate in personal luxury.

Simply Pleasurable
A showerhead with both temperature and volume control. Scaled back, yes. But the sensation is still extraordinary.

Comfortably Indulgent
Add body Sprays with their own volume control. And you're transported to an exceptional showering place.

Completely Extravagant

Add a second showerhead, a hand shower and additional body sprays. Showering nirvana is effectively yours.
Where we consider every nuance, from distinctive styling to impeccable performance, to ensure each of our faucets and accessories is designed to be uncommonly exquisite. A unique balance of grace and precision combined with a dash of the unexpected. That’s what you’ll find with ShowHouse®.

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