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Frequently Asked Questions about Bemis Toilet Seats

Frequently Asked Questions about Bemis Toilet Seats

 My color is fading and the seat has scratch marks.
It could be caused by the cleaner that you are using on your seat. Some abrasives can be too harsh. We recommend using soap and water or mild detergent. Never use bleach, aerosol sprays, or scouring pads.

I am having trouble finding a specific color toilet seat.
We suggest purchasing the Bemis Color Direct Kit from your local retailer or wholesaler.

What is the bolt spread of your seats?
5-1/2” is the standard.

Does Bemis manufacture seats with a larger bolt spread?
Yes. American Standard models EL270, LC212, and NW209E10 have a 10” spread. Case brand models 800CCP and 1900CCP have a 7-1/2” spread that bolts into the tank. These can be ordered through retail or wholesale outlets.

When I pull the seat down, the lid comes crashing down with it. What causes that?
The hinge may be too tight. The hinge of the seat will loosen with repeated opening and shutting of the lid.

Why don’t the seats have two sets of bumpers?
Our toilet seats are manufactured to accommodate a standard degree of slant in various types of china. Our engineers have determined that only one set of bumpers is needed for a proper fit.

How do I remove my old toilet seat?
Loosen the hinge with a screwdriver or wrench. Remember, your tools are steel and your bowl is porcelain, so be careful not to chip it. If the bolts are rusty or badly calcified, spray them with WD-40® penetrating oil. Let them sit for five or ten minutes and then try again. If they still won’t budge, you might want to consider calling a professional.

I put my seat on with the sticky washers and it still wobbles. The washers are sticky on both sides. The paper should be removed on both sides so that one side sticks to the toilet bowl and one to the underside of the hinge.

When I tighten the dial on the hinge all the way, it is still loose. Why?
The pintle on the underside of the hinge has two cut slots. Line the notches of the bolt up to the cut slots and hold the bolt still as you turn the screw. The bolt will rise up and the notches will push the pintle out to secure the seat.

Should hinges match the seat color on all models?
Yes, but there may be a slight difference.

Why is the metal bracket for the PremEuro™ seat larger than the hinge holes?
Brackets are larger so that when you screw the bolt, the bracket will imbed into the hinge, holding the sides to make it an even more secure fit.

Does the My Own Potty™ fit on regular and elongated bowls?

How much weight can the My Own Potty™ hold?
 It adequately holds up to 100 pounds.

I just replaced my soft seat and it does not look the same.
There was a design change in 1998 to allow for more padding.

Will any part of the 200/1200 seats rust?
No, the seats have a stainless steel pintle in them.

Can I get replacement bumpers or hinges for my plastic seat?
The hinges and bumpers are not replaceable in the field. The bumpers are molded in and the hinges are installed with special tools while the plastic is still warm with the exception of the fire-resistant seat.

Can the HG06 and HG38 hinges be replaced?
These hinges cannot be replaced because they are installed using special tools while the plastic is still warm.

Can I get more sticky washers?
Yes, the part number is 1B545 1250.

What can be used to clean molded wood or soft seats?
 Mild soap and water is our first recommendation. Persons concerned with bacteria can choose a basic or slightly alkaline cleaner that advertises antiseptic cleaning. Do NOT use abrasive pads, scouring powders, abrasive cleaners, or tub/tile cleaners.

What can be used to clean solid plastic seats?
Mild soap and water is our first recommendation. Do NOT use pine oils, essential oils, chlorine, acid, scouring powders, detergents, disinfectants, or products in aerosol cans.

How long does it take for a slow-close hinge to close?
About 15 seconds.

About Bemis

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