Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kaldewei Tubs Sets The Trend in Green Design

Kaldewei has dedicated itself to environmental sustainability for over 90 years now. After all, Kaldewei manufactures its high quality enamel products exclusively from natural materials. And a consistent materials philosophy also includes the fact that all baths and shower trays made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm can be recycled completely at the end of their lifespan, meaning they can be used directly as raw materials to make steel. A 30-year guarantee along with environmentally sound manufacturing, packaging, transport and disposal procedures – these qualities make Kaldewei products ideal for eco-friendly construction projects.

Kaldewei is not only Europe's #1 bath company, but it is the first German Bathroom Fixtures company to be awarded the IBU Certificate in 2009. Sustainable construction is the concept of the future. One of the basic requirements for its realisation is the use of construction products cer tified for sustainability in accordance with the ISO 14025 environmental declaration issued by IBU. The certification procedure assesses the use of resources, the energy requirements and the emissions produced over the entire manufacturing and recycling process. Product proper ties and overall per formance are also subject to tough evaluation criteria. In comparison with acrylic baths and shower trays, Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm can demonstrate an exemplary environmental scorecard. Kaldewei is the first German bathroom fixtures company to be awarded the IBU cer tificate – a welcome confirmation after decades of practicing an uncompromising brand and materials philosophy.

General Statements of the Declaration
  • Steel is easy to recycle. The usage of steel as a recycling material
    contributes to the saving of resources. There is no use of “downcycling“
  • Kaldewei products can be 100 % recycled and do not require the further separation of steel
    and enamel, so that the down-cycling required for many other materials can be avoided
  • Downsizing and renaturation does not cause any environmental pollution
  • Used bathtubs and shower trays are not waste. In case you want to dispose it, you can treat it a normal construction waste (no special waste).
Eco-balance Kaldewei Steel Enamel
  • Life cycle analysis includes the phases of life "from the cradle to the factory gate“ as well as the recycling potential
  • the certification procedure also assesses the winning of the base materials, the production of preliminary products and other raw and auxiliary materials
    – production of steel bathtubs and shower trays
    – production of enamel
    – necessary supporting and packaging material
    – transportation of main material and auxiliary materials
    – company operating (energy consumption, waste, emissions)
    – disposal of waste
    – recycling potential
  • the usage itself is not included in the declaration

  • In aspects of ecological and economical purposes the material steel enamel is superior
  • The results show that the contribution to sustainable building is much bigger when choosing a Kaldewei product thanany alternative material. was the first online retailer to bring Kaldewei Baths online as is the largest online retailer of faucets, fixtures and accessories for the Kitchen and Bath. Shop for the entire line of Kaldewei tubs and faucets at great prices.


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