Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kraus Fire Opal Glass Sink and Waterfall Faucet

Color is one of the strongest tools you can use when trying to make an artistic statement in any space. We selected the Kraus Fire Opal Glass Sink and Waterfall Faucet as a perfect example of such a statement. The manufacturer of this product uses color to bring your eye to a feature of the room, in this case bathroom that is often overlooked: the sink. The sink for many years was no more that a necessity in a space. Before the turn of the century sinks could be as little as a shallow dish with a pail of water nearby. Not too long afterwards, the more attractive solutions began to evolve. Plumbing arrived on the scene and more stylish and decorative sinks were introduced. Today, however, “decorative sink” could be viewed as an insult to vibrant creations such as the Kraus Fire Opal Glass Sink. In today’s world, designers have found opportunities to make spectacular works of art from everyday items adding to the pleasure of using those items. Have you looked at vacuum cleaners in the last few years? This is a perfect example of how looks can evolve for the better. Kitchen serving ware, bare ware, kitchen sinks, faucets, light fixtures, all seemingly functional items only, have been transformed into artistic displays.

The Kraus Fire Opal Glass Sink melds beautiful goldens, yellows, and ambers with deep grays and blacks to produce a vibrant abstract design that shines as the center stage in your bathroom space. The above counter design of the vessel sink allows this stunning glass masterpiece to sit proudly in view. A sleek and sexy faucet rises up from behind this well designed vessel with a pedestal like flowering glass plate to provide a water flow into the bowl. This plate like feature also carries the same abstract yellow and amber design as featured in the vessel sink below. From the center of this glass petal is a single leaver used for maximum water flow and temperature control. The seamless design is breathtaking and will have your guests asking where the bathroom is, just so that they can view the much talked about vessel sink.

Having mentioned plenty of reasons why this vessel sink is worthy of a place in your home, we have yet to mention the company that can proudly call itself the designer. Kraus has been in the kitchen and bath industry as a leader for several years. Kraus has earned a high reputation in the United States, Europe, and other countries across the globe. With a full one year warranty on such a stunning design, a handmade one of a kind product, and a unlimited list of satisfied customers, it’s no wonder Kraus continues to make our top picks each and every month.

With a solid construction of tempered glass (a process taking ordinary glass through a second heating process to strengthen the glass material), a faucet constructed of solid high quality brass, and a design that would put any other vessel to shame, the Kraus Opal Glass Sink is begging for a space in your home. is the leading online retailer of Faucets. We carry every Kraus product including Kraus Faucets, and Kraus Sinks. Free Ground Shipping on all orders over $99. Award winning site, large selection, low prices and excellent customer service. The Faucet leader. Why shop elsewhere?


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