Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moen Faucets Green Sustainability Initiative

Moen Faucets is making a big move towards Sustainability with water efficiency.

Think about the amount of water used to bathe, brush your teeth, and wash dishes every day. For an average single family daily indoor water use is just over 69 gallons of water per day. By installing more efficient faucets and showerheads and regularly checking for leaks households can reduce daily water useage by up to 40%.

Thinking Green is not a new concept at Moen. Since 1982 Moen has been developing innovative processes and products to conserve water and reduce waste. Moen is an EPA WaterSense Partner. Many Moen bathroom Faucets are already WaterSense certified. All residential bathroom faucets from Moen will be WaterSense certified in 2009 and will incorporate a flow optimized aerator using 30% less water. Meeting WaterSense and contributing towards LEED requirements without sacrificing performance.
Think about this. A 10 minute shower can utilize between 25-50 gallons of water. Thats why Moen offer flow-optimized showerheads. They use 30% less water and out perform the standard flow rate so you get a great shower while reducing water consumption.
Moen also promotes sustainable practices from manufacturing to shipping. Moen recycles about 90% of all metals, scrap and returned products. As the number one brand in North America, Moen feels it is their job to lead the way when it comes to protecting our water supply. According to Moen, "Every Drop Counts". is the leading online retailer of Faucets. We carry every Moen product including Moen Faucets, and Moen Sinks. Free Ground Shipping on all orders over $99. Award winning site, large selection, low prices and excellent customer service. The Faucet leader. Why shop elsewhere?


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