Monday, October 12, 2009

Glass Waterfall Bathroom Faucets

Style and superior craftsmanship – the Glass Waterfall faucets from Kraus have both of these in spades. Kraus Faucets has been making a name for itself with its fine bathroom and kitchen fixtures that feature amazing innovative designs with an clear eye towards high quality construction, and you will find that the Kraus Glass Waterfall faucets not only look great, but will last you for many years to come. Crafted from solid brass, the main section of the faucet is durable, sturdy and definitely built to last. It will stand up to all of the rigors of daily use and still come out looking like a champ year after year.

The Glass Waterfall faucets are members of Kraus’ Premium Bathroom Faucet Collection. They feature a glass disc at the top that allows the water to flow over and fan out, creating the illusion of a waterfall right there in your bathroom. The glass discs come in a range of different colors – like clear glass and a striking translucent black – and the metal of the faucets comes in an even wider range of finishes – polished gold, satin nickel, chrome, brushed chrome, antique brass, oil rubbed brass and antique copper. With such an array of choices as far as color schemes, you’ll have no trouble working this faucet into your existing décor or building a whole new design around it.

The faucets are single hole installation types, and also single lever operated. This means that both the hot and cold water controls are operated by a single lever. It is a convenient feature, and also makes this type of faucet ideal for anyone with small children or disabled persons living with them, since ease of use is built right in. The Kraus Glass Waterfall faucets are suitable for use with vessel sinks or basin sinks, and you’ll love the touch of class and grace they add to your bathroom.


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