Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CA/VT Compliant Gets the Lead Out

Attention customers living in California and Vermont!

Starting Friday, new CA/VT compliance laws go into affect in these states that reduce the amount of lead allowed in faucets and fixtures that carry drinking water. Allowable levels will drop from 8% lead per weight to .25% lead per weight, and only kitchen faucets and bathroom lavatory faucets are impacted at this time. Shower faucets and other fixtures are not affected.

Because there is no safe level of lead in drinking water, CA/VT compliance laws further reduce the risk of lead exposure. Lead leaching into drinking water can lead to a number of conditions such as delayed development in children and high blood pressure in adults.

The new CA/VT law means customers who live in either California or Vermont can only order faucets and fixtures from that meet the new compliance. It is against the law for or any company to sell or ship faucets and fixtures to California and Vermont that are not CA/VT compliant.

To make sure shopping at remains the easy process customers expect, each product that meets CA/VT compliance will be marked with a black checkmark icon. has made help easy to find by clicking here.

Do I have to purchase the CA/VT substitute?
The new laws state that residents are not allowed to install faucets and fixtures that do not meet CA/VT compliance. Most manufacturers have two versions of their products, and, yes, they might a little more expensive given the increased costs of manufacturing and added brass materials. By not using or installing CA/VT compliant faucets and fixtures, residents in California and Vermont risk running afoul of state building codes, which can affect building and plumbing permits and passing inspection.
Could Lead Get Into My Drinking Water?
Lead gets into water after the water leaves the local treatment plant or well and is typically caused by pipe or soldering corrision in your home's plumbing. Corrosion results from the reaction between water and the plumbing parts. Dissolved oxygen, low pH (acidity), and low mineral content in water are common causes of corrosion. Grounding utility wires - electric and telephone, most commonly - to water pipes can increase corrosion from the electric current running through the pipes. Eliminating the lead content in home plumbing is an effective control of lead in drinking or cooking water.
Professionals are also affected since plumbing fixtures, including pipes, joints, and fittings need to meet CA/VT compliance as well.
Several brands available through such as Delta Faucets, Danze Faucets, and Moen Faucets are already working to redesign faucets and fixtures to meet CA/VT compliance. They anticipate other states will follow the CA/VT example and the new regulations will become industry standard.
As always, representatives are available via live chat, email, and phone to answer any questions.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creating a Bathroom Built for Two

Traffic jams should only happen on the roadway and not in your bathroom. But according to the 'Bathroom Inventory' survey conducted by Moen Faucets, the reality is that more than half of master bathrooms are less than 75 square-feet. Small bathrooms force most couples to make do with limited space.

With that said, there are ways to reduce the congestion in this crowded room according to Tim Bitterman, Senior Product Manager of the Inspirations by Moen line of bath accessories. "Careful design, dedicated space for each individual and a willingness to compromise can make even the smallest room feel more spacious."

Following are some of Tim's top tips to create a comfortable bathroom for two:

Organization is Key
Small spaces require organization. Too many toiletries, cleaning products and hair dryers can make a small space feel smaller. Clear off the sink, clean out the medicine cabinet and remove products from under the sink. Take stock of what you own and what you use on a daily basis. Pare down the excess and keep only what you need. Baskets and bins will provide order to the items you plan on keeping.

"It's all about creating more room and carving out your own space," explained Bitterman. One such example is installing a glass shelf. "This easy project is perfect for the DIYer, doesn't take up counter space and gives both of you more room to store smaller toiletry items as well as keep them easily accessible."

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors have the ability to visually double the size of your bathroom. By reflecting natural light, they can give your bathroom the appearance of being more open and bright. Full sink to ceiling mirrors create the most significant illusion of increased space. But if that isn't an option, consider a single mirror in a unique shape to create a point of visual interest.

Two sinks can make sharing a bath much easier - provided you have the space. Many newer vanities can accommodate two sinks. You'll need to allow at least five feet when adding a vanity for double sinks. No room? Consider side-by-side, small pedestal sinks instead. No budget for new sinks? Change your faucet with one of today's newer high arc styles. The longer neck and spout of these faucets make it easier for both of you to have the room to brush your teeth, wash your face or even shave - at the same time.

Shed a Little Light
A dark room feels cramped and crowded, while natural light can make the bath feel open and larger. Add sheer blinds or apply a film treatment to your window to let in more light, while still allowing for privacy. Consider changing the lighting fixtures as well. Overhead lighting tends to add unflattering shadows to your face while looking in the mirror. Try installing wall sconces level to the top of the mirror. This puts the light in front of you, creating the most optimal lighting for grooming.

Double Up
Consider installing two double robe hooks for items such as robes, pajamas and towels. Keeping robes and towels off the floor reduces the cluttered appearance of a small bathroom. Bitterman suggests double towel bars, as well. "If each of you has your own designated towel bar, you'll have ample room to hang washcloths, hand towels and bath towels."

Share Your Shower
Transform your shower into a spa experience with a massaging showerhead with multiple spray settings. This will allow you to choose and personalize your settings. Choose a vigorous massage for him and a soothing rainshower for you.

Decorating Duo
Most importantly, according to Bitterman, "Don't impose your decorating styles and tastes on your mate. Talk about color selections and look at wallpapers and paints together. By incorporating colors you both like, it's possible to create a room that brings the best of both worlds together, creating a retreat that can become the calm in your morning storm."

Joy to the Bathroom with Great Accessories

Joy to the Bathroom with Easy to Install Accessories

'Tis the season... for Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas eggnog, mistletoe... and your holiday guests. While many homeowners will deck the halls with festive decorations or make minor home repairs, most will concentrate on traditional areas such as dining, family and living rooms where guests will be entertained. However, homeowners usually overlook the one room where holiday guests frequent most - the powder room or bathroom.

"The powder room is one of the most frequented and least appreciated rooms in our homes when it comes to decorating," said Judy Riley, vice president of design, Moen. "And because the size of the powder room is typically smaller than other rooms in your home, it gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your décor choices - allowing you to tap into the warmth of family traditions and nostalgia of the holiday season."
Organize and Accessorize
One of the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive ways to update your bathroom's style is to replace or add bath accessories. For a small investment, you can add a complete set of new accessories - including towel bars, towel rings, shelves, paper holders and robe hooks. Accessories can add organization, while pulling the design of the room together. We recommend Creative Specialties by Moen.

"Many people will add soaps and candles, or new towels in their bath at the holidays," added Riley. "Why not complete the look by updating the bath accessories as well? A decorative glass shelf can be the perfect area to display candles, and a beautifully designed towel bar will make your linens stand out."

In the past, chrome or polished brass were the only finish choices in the bath accessory marketplace. Fortunately, the industry has changed dramatically, and manufacturers now offer dozens of finish and style options.

While chrome is still the most popular bath accessory finish, emerging finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze, brushed nickel, brushed bronze and wrought iron are also increasing in popularity with consumers.

In addition to elegant styling, Creative Specialties by Moen collection can be installed in a matter of minutes - which is important during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Thanks to Moen's EZ 2 Install Mounting System, installation is a snap. A mounting bracket attaches to the wall with just two screws. Then the base, or post, of the accessory slides onto the bracket and an audible "click" signals it is securely locked into place. Most importantly, it eliminates the need for a set screw, the number one complaint from consumers who have installed their own accessories.

If you want to go take your bath updates one step further, consider adding a new single-handle faucet that will give your bath a clean and modern look. The Eva® single-handle lavatory faucet from Moen Faucets offers transitional styling - with understated details, a tapered handle and sophisticated lines - that coordinates with virtually any décor.

As for final words of advice, Riley added, "The powder room isn't first on the list when we think of entertaining, but it can leave a lasting impression with guests. Continue your holiday spruce-ups into the bath and you'll be surprised at the compliments you receive."