Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hansgrohe Faucets at the W Hotel New York

I just recently stayed at the W Hotel in New York Times Square as a member of American Express and their fine hotel program. They give me all the awesome upgrades and complimentory suites including hotel dining. The W Hotel in New York was no exception. The W Hotel is very swanky and the bathroom amenties hit the mark and got my attention as a faucet connoisseur. Not many hotels that I have stayed at have had an AXOR faucet from Hansgrohe waiting for my critique. I was in faucet heaven.
AXOR is a division of Hansgrohe and the faucets in this line are created by the best designers in the world. The faucet in my Hotel room was the Hansgrohe Axor Massaud. I took the photo to the right and these are the actual photos of the products in the hotel.

Axor Massaud – Nature Inspired Design
The symbiosis between man, nature and space is the central idea from French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, who made a name for himself in product design as well as with architectural projects.
Together with Axor he has redefined the philosophy of the bathroom. The result Axor Massaud. Here the gently curved line of a blade of grass. The natural fall of the water. In between clear, geometrical forms and ingeniously hidden technology.

Jean-Marie Massaud Biography

Born in 1966 in Toulouse/France, Jean-Marie Massaud attended the renowned school "Les Ateliers", Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. Whether it is a sofa, an exhibition stand or a football stadium, in all his work Jean-Marie Massaud is pursuing the trace to our origins. The same applies in the bathroom. "I have a vision of complete harmony between man, nature and technology. In order to fulfill this harmony the bathroom must become a living space, a space where we feel good."


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