Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitchen Faucet Features

Features of Kitchen Faucets

Left image: Grohe K4 single-lever faucet in chrome with pull-out rinsing spray.
Right image: The rinsing spray retracts into the spout and offers a choice of two patterns.

The Kitchen Faucet is now a sophisticated piece of engineering. To meet the demands of keen cooks, high wide-angle swivel spouts with large extension and extractable rinsing sprays are fast becoming a pre-requisite and higher spouts the norm.

Spout styles
As the spout of a kitchen faucet is that much higher and longer than that of most bathroom faucets its shape will dramatically influence the look of your kitchen. Some spouts form a gentle arc from the base of the faucet body and have a low profile, other U-, L- and C-spouts transform the faucet into a focal point as they rise elegantly above the work level. Left: Grohe Minta features a U-shaped spout and pull-out mousseur
Extra-large pots are now commonplace in the kitchen, so make sure you select a faucet with a spout that is high enough to accommodate your largest pan. If you have a double sink ensure that you choose a faucet with a wide swivel action to allow you to switch easily between the bowls – some models now feature a 360 degrees swivel spout.

Extractable sprays
Pull-out mousseurs and ergonomically-designed hand sprays bring extra functionality to the workspace. Both are attached to a retractable hose that sits within the spout. Many handsprays feature a trigger action button, which activates a wide spray pattern – perfect for rinsing delicate salad leaves. Look out for silicone nozzles as these repel limescale and are easy to clean.

Left: Grohe Europlus single-lever mixer with swivel spout and pull-out spray


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