Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grohe Thermostatic vs Pressure Balanced Valves

Grohtherm 2000 exposed thermostatic bath/shower mixer

Thermstats and pressure balance valves blend the hot and cold water supplies and control the water flow to the showerhead. Thermostatic valves are more expensive, however they offer a number of beneficial safety features in return for the additional cost.

For safety and comfort, a thermostat is an essential part of every shower. It allows you to pre-set a preferred water temperature and maintains it for the duration of your shower. 

A thermostat will adjust the water supply to the shower within the fraction of a second should there be a change in the temperature or pressure of the supplied water – for example, if someone were to flush a WC elsewhere in the home. A good thermostat will have a built-in safety feature to prevent the temperature for accidentally being raised above 38 degrees Celsius. Many also incorporate a diverter valve that allows you to switch between two shower outlets.

Grohtherm 3000 concealed thermostat

Pressure balance valves
Pressure balance vales work in the same way as basin faucets and can either be single control or dual control. They do not react to drops in water pressure or changes in temperature. 

GROHE Allure pressure balance valve trim

Digitally-controlled thermostats

The latest development in showering is the introduction of digital thermostats. These are operated by remote control – unlike a conventional thermostat, where the controls and the valve are connected to one another – allowing you to locate the thermostat wherever you choose. Individual user buttons allow you to pre-set your preferred water temperature and flow rate. Wireless technology ensures that there are no electrics in the shower area.
Diverter valves and volume controls

If you have more than one shower outlet (for example a hand shower and a shower head) you will need a diverter valve or volume control. This allows you to divert the water between the two outlets. If you have a third outlet you may also require a stop valve. 

The number of shower heads you can have working at once depends on both the water pressure and the volume of hot water available. Call 1-800-891-0896 to talk to the Faucet Experts at eFaucets for expert advice on Grohe Faucets and Grohe Shower Faucets


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